Transforming Lives at the Promised Land Leprosy Community


Independent Church in India holds church services each week for victims of leprosy.


Independent Church In India has their own leprosy community which leprosy victims once forsaken and homeless can call home. At the Promised Land Leprosy Community lives are being transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Through sponsorships, ICII provides healthy food and water, medical needs, clothing, and much more.



Missionary family Lowell, Kathy, Kristen, and Aaron Smith, and Pastor Britto sitting with residents at the Promised Land leprosy Community.

One woman with leprosy named Esther who attends the Promised Land Leprosy Community shared this life-giving testimony:

“I live at the Promised Land Leprosy Community. One morning, I woke up and my hand was totally swollen and in pain. I was so scared about this. Right away an ICII staff worker took me to the hospital. I was in the hospital all week and the doctor drained all the puss out of my hand until it returned to normal. The doctor told me if you had not come to the hospital right away this infection would have spread to gonorrhea and we would have had to remove your hand, even the infection could have dangerously spread to your whole body. I am so thankful for those from ICII who have taken care of me and those who provided for my doctor fees. If I would still be alone in my village no one would have helped me and I would have surely suffered and died. I thank those who have helped me with millions and millions of thanks for saving my life!”


Esther- After coming to live at the Promised Land Leprosy Community!


Esther: Before she came to live at the Promised Land Leprosy Community.











ICII missionary brings food and supplies to poor woman with leprosy.

ICII missionary brings food and supplies to poor woman with leprosy.

How could an elderly man who was an orphan and can’t remember his parents… who lived destitute on the streets his whole life… who contracted leprosy as a young man and suffered with it for forty years… who lay in a hospital, nearly blind, unable to walk… given up to die… now have a home… healing in his body… peace in his heart… to where he now dances, sings and says… “ I feel like a rich man now. I have everything I need”? The answer is… Jesus! This man’s name is Raj and he has been living at ICII’s Promised Land Leprosy Community for five years. This home was started for people with leprosy who had been living on the streets. Through your love and support, no longer does Raj have to miss a meal or lack medicine when he needs it. Instead of a daily life of hopelessness, he now experiences new days of hope and loving care! Through ICII’s supporters, all the residents’ needs are provided for at the Promised Land home. Basic needs are also provided for the non-residents who attend Promised Land Leprosy Church. Food, rice, clothing, sandals, vitamins, medical bills, eyeglasses, cataract surgery, and other needs are provided for those with leprosy that would have no way to get these things without your help.


Raj – Before he came to live at the Promised Land Leprosy Community.


Raj – After he came to live at the Promised land Leprosy Community!





ICII provides clothing for those who come to the Promised Land Leprosy church

The Promised Land Leprosy Church 

A church has been started called the Promised Land where leprosy victims in their own area can come and worship the Lord. Each week after the service a medical and food outreach is provided for the hungry and the hurting.


Each week after the service, those with leprosy are served a hot meal which is the best meal they receive all week.


Leprosy victim praying and crying out to the Lord.

Through the love and support of Promised Land Leprosy sponsors, each week up to 100 or more leprosy friends attend the Promised Land Leprosy Church to worship the Lord. Many leprosy friends who regularly attend the church services are bringing new people they meet with leprosy. At these services, Jesus is giving new life to those who are broken and rejected. These people are feeling love like they have never experienced before through the liberating power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of them are sharing amazing testimonies how the Lord is working in and through their lives. Here are just a few:

One woman shared this; Since I have been coming to church the Lord has been healing me of my wounds and covering me with his protection. Because I have leprosy, others are coming against me but the Lord is with me. The leprosy I am affected with has created many problems in my family. But since I have been praying with others here at the church, and they are also praying for me, the Lord is working things out in my family for good”.

Another woman with leprosy shared: “I had serious wounds in my leg. The doctor told me that I must have my leg taken off. I began to pray to the Lord to heal me. The next day a miracle happened and when I went to the doctor he gave me a good report and told me that he no longer has to remove my leg. Jesus has healed me!”

Kanigag shares; “I had a severe kidney problem and the ICII ministry helped me to get the operation that I needed. Also through the prayers, love and support all the shaking I had in my body has also gone away. I am feeling much better”.


ICII provides medical needs for those with leprosy coming to the services


Watch a video to learn about more about the leprosy ministry we do.

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What missionaries are saying about Independent Church in India

  "To see first hand individuals becoming an extension of who Jesus is in our world today, reaching out to lepers whom society looked upon as untouchable, to provide food and clothing, bedding to sleep upon even if that means sleeping on the side of a busy dirty street filled with all kinds of humanity, animals etc. is the kind of compassion Jesus still has today if He can just find someone to carry His presence and power."                   ................................ Evangelist/Missionary/Author - Dave




In the villages, which have been reached by the ministry team of the Independent Church in India, there is a ray of hope ....... Many of the people have a new hope, which they have found only in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.     - US Missionary Kristi

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