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Unto the Uttermost Part of the Earth:
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In the New Testament, right before Jesus ascended to heaven, He told his disciples this: “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth” Acts 1:8.


Throughout the past  years, Independent Church in India (ICII) has been bringing the Gospel message of Christ to thousands of remote villages in our local area in India, our “Jerusalem”. For years, we have also been helping to support missionaries in distant areas of our state of Tamil Nadu (“Judaea”). For the past few years we have been expanding into other states (“Samaria”). Currently, we are supporting missionaries in  different Indian states and either have completed or are working on twelve different Indian languages. Our goal is to produce our video Bible version of the Gospel of John in all the eighteen major languages in India. Now, God has allowed ICII to begin expanding into other countries and languages through our Gospel media at reasonable costs. We are in the process of creating  media recordings of John, children’s books, and verse by verse Bible studies  in languages from nine different countries (the uttermost part of the earth!)

Children in India working through the Book of Life Children’s Bibles studies.

We are pleased to announce that we have a pastor in China that has recorded our word-for-word video Gospel of John soundtrack in the Chinese language of Mandarin. Mandarin is the largest spoken language in the whole world, with over 900 million speakers! China is a country closed to preaching the Gospel, but the Lord has given us a “foot in the door” to provide the hungry Christians and seekers with the Gospel of John in their own language. In the country of Pakistan, ICII is working with a native pastor who is recording the Gospel of John in his language of Urdu. Urdu is the official language in Pakistan with 100 million speakers, and many people in India speak Urdu also. The Lord has truly opened up the door to these hard countries, with many unreached Muslims and Buddhists, to hear the word of God in their own languages. ICII has already started the work in Kenya with two native pastors in different areas. The verse-by-verse Bible studies of 1 Peter through Jude has already been published, and Kenyan  people are now working through these books in their own tribal language called Luo. Also thousands of Gospel tracts are being distributed among unbelievers in Kenya and through these tracts, lost souls are coming to the Lord!

Pastor Osongo (right) from Kenya standing with believers who received ICII’s verse by verse Bible studies of 1 Peter through Jude in their language of Luo.

Pastor Osongo from Kenya gave this exciting report after using ICII verse-by-verse Bible studies and Gospel tracts: “I am so much glad to see the love of God and His mighty power working through our tracts and books. Both women, children and men were blessed, and from door to door we went teaching in villages and even in the farms giving the gospel tracts. I gave the books and the tracts to five different groups whom were walking in the whole of Pala village where there is a population of more than ten thousand people. The teams managed to walk in the farms and even house to house. They reported a total of 40 people saved and several healed. Among them was a woman with the spirit of witchcraft. I thank God for everything, after teaching from our tracts and the books, I also was praying for a man who has been paralyzed for six years and he got healed!”

Pastor Osongo from Kenya giving out ICII tracts translated into “Luo” language through personal evangelism.

ICII also has other projects started in China and Indonesia, through native speakers who are narrating the Video Bible Gospel of John so their people can hear God’s word. As God continues to open new doors, ICII has a plan to keep expanding their Gospel media outreach and translating of books into multiple languages around the world. The cost is low to translate a book, or to record narration for our video Bible in a new language. It is an excellent way for those who are illiterate in nations around the world to hear the Bible. For those who are in need of Bible study books in their own languages, we want to provide translators with laptop computers so they can produce our books and Gospel tracts in their own languages. Since there are so many who are illiterate, and many believers are too poor or have no way to get Bibles (such as in India, China and Pakistan), our Video Bible may be the only chance for millions to understand God’s life-changing word! All we have to do to create a new version is insert a new narration track into our already-produced videos, where it is overlayed with our beautiful, eye-catching video scenery.

Independent Church in India’s recording studio

As people watch, they will hear God’s life-changing Word in their own language! ICII’s main focus will always be India, but our Gospel media is a very exciting and excellent way to reach out to millions of lost souls all over the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Independent Church in India missionaries showing the word for word Bible videos in the remote villages of India.

Testimonies From Two Pastors From India who are using the Word for Word Video Bibles:
“I am showing ICII’s Video Bible of John in different villages. All these villages are very remote villages and they do not know how to read and write. I am sharing the Gospel and explaining God’s word to the people. Through these videos I started two village churches!” .

“I am using these Bible videos in two remote villages and two tribal areas. It is very helpful for the people to hear God’s word in these places because they cannot read and write. In one tribal area over 25 people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and are coming to my church!”

Missionaries and Pastors in India receive DVD players and word for word Bible DVD’s to show in the remote villages of India.

Would you consider doing a fundraiser for a specific Country?
You can help us to spread the Word of God in India and other nations by helping us to produce word-for-word Bible Videos, to translate and distribute verse by verse Bible study books, children’s Bible study books, and equip believers to share their faith through DVD’s and books in multiple languages. 100% of  your gifts will be used to provide the needs for Video and Bible study book translations in the country you choose. We need approximately $1000 for each of these countries for startup or continuation of projects to produce and distribute books and/or video Bible DVD’s. You can be the first to sow the precious seed into a new country to spread the Gospel message of Christ! If you would like to donate toward a specific country please email us the country you would like your donation to go towards. We are currently working in the following countries. India,  Kenya,  Pakistan, China, and Indonesia,  If no country is mentioned we will use your gift in the country with the greatest needs for Gospel media materials.




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What missionaries are saying about Independent Church in India

  "To see first hand individuals becoming an extension of who Jesus is in our world today, reaching out to lepers whom society looked upon as untouchable, to provide food and clothing, bedding to sleep upon even if that means sleeping on the side of a busy dirty street filled with all kinds of humanity, animals etc. is the kind of compassion Jesus still has today if He can just find someone to carry His presence and power."                   ................................ Evangelist/Missionary/Author - Dave




In the villages, which have been reached by the ministry team of the Independent Church in India, there is a ray of hope ....... Many of the people have a new hope, which they have found only in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.     - US Missionary Kristi

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