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Bringing the Gospel Light into Darkness...

Independent Church in India is making a difference in the lives of dalit children, widows, and other poor and forsaken people. ICII missionaries reached a village called CKCM. It was a village of people known as dalits or untouchables where there were run down huts, homeless people, orphans, and many widows lived in severe poverty and hopelessness. There are many widows living in this village because lots of the men work in a near by leather factory where conditions are very dangerous and unhealthy, and many of the men only live to the age of 40 because of serious health issues. ICII missionaries began preaching the Gospel at CKCM and many widows, children and others have committed their lives to the Lord!






Jesus Heals the Deaf a Mute!


Above photo: Woman at CKCM colony begins to speak after prayer! People gather around amazed!.

One evening, Lowell and I (Kathy) along with Craig Littlefield, a visiting missionary from US went to this village called CKCM to see the work that the native missionaries have been doing there. ICII's missionaries were there doing children's ministry and teaching many children the word of God as they were studying their Bible study books provided by the ministry. At the outreach, about fifty widows gathered to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we shared, they were very interested in hearing about Jesus. That night, around forty widows humbly repented of their sins and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. We were also able to satisfy their physical hunger by providing each woman a bag of  rice which was so much appreciated and needed by these desperately poor widows. After this, all the widows and children and other people came to us for prayer.DSC07610 One middle-age woman came to me and tried to get my attention because she could not talk. She was pointing to her ears and mouth, asking for me to pray for her.  I learned from others that she had been deaf and mute from birth.  We began to pray for her that Jesus would heal her. Afterwards, I asked her to say "Yeshu" which means Jesus in the Tamil language. She opened her mouth and began to say "Yeshu" over and over again! We prayed some more for her, then with my mouth hidden from her, I spoke a word in her ear and she began to repeat it. She started thanking Jesus with tears of joy! The other people in the village were all watching with great interest and many of them were saying we never heard her talk like that before. The Lord had done a miracle in that place! Since this miracle happened, this woman has been bringing her relatives to church and they also have received the Lord! She and her family also come to the weekly Bible studies. Before this, she could not get a job, but since Jesus healed her she has also found a job where she makes candy! Because of the job she has moved into another village and now both CKCM colony and the village in which she is living knows about this incredible miracle Jesus has done! The Lord indeed has given her a new life and is using her life as a witness to others for his glory! 


A child that lives at the CKCM Colony

ckcMany other widows and poor families  have received rice and over two hundred of the children have received our gift packs which comes with a New Testament. Now each week,ICII native missionaries are doing ministry at CKCM colony. The missionaries are also showing ICII's word for word video in the evenings, where many people come and watch as they listen to the word of God. Each Sunday, a church has been started in one of the believers homes where villagers come to worship the Lord led by ICII native missionaries! We give all the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ that so much is happening at this village of around two thousand souls that were once in darkness and the bondage of sin. But through a church that sponsors ICII's work, the light of the gospel has touched many lives as more are believing in Christ in this once dark and hopeless village

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What missionaries are saying about Independent Church in India

  "To see first hand individuals becoming an extension of who Jesus is in our world today, reaching out to lepers whom society looked upon as untouchable, to provide food and clothing, bedding to sleep upon even if that means sleeping on the side of a busy dirty street filled with all kinds of humanity, animals etc. is the kind of compassion Jesus still has today if He can just find someone to carry His presence and power."                   ................................ Evangelist/Missionary/Author - Dave




In the villages, which have been reached by the ministry team of the Independent Church in India, there is a ray of hope ....... Many of the people have a new hope, which they have found only in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.     - US Missionary Kristi

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