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Children’s Ministry

Children’s ministry is a vital part of reaching remote villages in India with the Gospel.

For the last four years, during the months of April and May (summer break time in Indian schools), Independent Church In India has had a goal to reach at least 10,000 children each year through our Vacation Bible School. Our teams go out into the most remote villages and gather children for five consecutive days of songs, games, fun activities, and most importantly, learning about the Lord Jesus Christ, through Bible teaching and our own VBS books. The meetings are held in our churches, or often right in the village street.

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ICII team member teaches village kids

Kids’ Testimonies

Through our VBS, thousands of children are coming to know about Jesus, and thousands are believing in Him as Lord and Savior! Here are some testimonies from last year’s VBS, about children whose lives are being transformed by Christ:

“My name is Rajathi. My friends and I attended VBS this year. We learned a lot about Jesus. Every day when the teachers would come to our village for VBS, we would go around the villages and bring all the children for VBS. We learned a lot of things about Jesus. We learned to pray, read the Bible and live godly lives. We love Jesus! We will surely live our whole lives for Jesus.”

ICII's own VBS books have Bible teaching and fun activities.

“My name is Rani, and I am from a remote village. I came to VBS and I learned more about the Bible. Though my father is a Hindu priest, I accepted Jesus when I came to VBS. I learned not to steal and lie, and to love others. Before I was very naughty, but now I am following Jesus and helping others. I now feel love for others!  I want to live for Jesus my whole life. Now I am sharing the Gospel to all my friends in school.”

“My name is Kannan and my dad was a hard worker. But when he was working in the factory he had an accident and due to this his one hand no longer moves and he can not use his hand much. I came to the VBS and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I started to pray and read the Bible everyday. One day I told my dad that if you believe in Jesus he will heal your hand. My dad also came to vbs and also accepted Jesus! That day the teachers prayed for him and he can feel his hand again! I believe Jesus will heal my dad completely. Now my family is going to church every week”.

Children holding up their New Testaments.

Children holding up their New Testaments.

“I am Sunil. I came to the VBS in my village. My dad is the Religious sect  priest in the town. He would take me to the town to do the  worship, because I am to be the next religious sect priest after him. Many times I wondered about our god. Many prayers are being offered, many things are being offered, but people end up having them. But why is this god a stone? I went to VBS every day. I learned about Jesus. I started to ask my dad why we have to worship a stone. He said, ‘Because a stone is our god’. Then I asked him, ‘Why can’t we worship the God that is Spirit and truth?’ He said, ‘That is a foreign god’. He found out that I going to VBS, so he beat me and stopped me from going to the VBS. But I started to pray every day. Every time when Dad went out I would read the Bible. One day I told him, ‘I want to believe in Jesus only, because He gives us joy and peace and also heaven, as they taught me.’ My dad saw my interest in Jesus. He took me to the VBS class. He told me, ‘I never saw my son have this much faith before.  I want him to believe Jesus.’ “

“I am Karthick. I live in very remote village. From my childhood onwards, I practiced Hinduism. As a child priest, many times people worshipped me and they treated me well. So when the VBS teachers came to my village, I told them to leave. I told them, we don’t want any other god in our village. Also I scattered all the children, threatened them, and threw stones at them but they came to me and told me about Jesus, how much Jesus loves me and that He died for me. I came to realize that Jesus is the true God so I also attended the VBS for the week. Now I am following Jesus in my life, and I am not a priest any more.”

VBS gathering in church.

“My name is Ravi. VBS teachers came to my village. Our village is located in the foothills. We normally go hunting every day. No one had ever come to our village and told us about Jesus before. This was the first time someone came to our village sharing about Jesus. It was a wonderful time learning about Jesus through songs and the VBS books. We were very happy to accept Jesus as our God. We will follow Him to the end of our lives.”

Group of VBS students with their New Testaments

“My name is Kumar. This is the first time I am attending a VBS. At VBS, we learn a lot about Jesus.  Lots of songs and lessons helped us to know Jesus more. I was stealing all the time in my house and from friends. After I attended VBS, I stopped stealing. Now I am Jesus’ child. I want to please Him. Even my parents are saying how much I changed now because I came to VBS. Now I read the Bible every day in my home and I pray every day.”

“My name is Kavitha. I came to VBS, and  I learned a lot about Jesus. I had holes in my heart. The doctors said we need lots of money. Because we are poor, we could not afford an operation.  But when I came to VBS, I learned that Jesus is the Healer. So I asked my teacher to pray for me for my healing. I believed very strongly that Jesus would surely heal me. Often I had pain in my chest also. But when they prayed for me, Jesus healed my chest pain and now I can breathe normally. I surely believe Jesus healed me.”

Kids at evening VBS meeting in remote village street.

“My name is Sujeetha. My dad was a drunkard. Every day, he would drink alcohol. But when I came to VBS I was very happy to learn about Jesus. On the first day, I committed my life to Jesus. I started to pray, Lord Jesus, please heal my father so he will stop drinking, help him. Within a week my father stopped drinking alcohol! Now I am very happy.”

“My name is Rajesh, and I am from a Hindu family. I came to VBS every day. I learned how to pray, how to read the Bible, and how to live as a child of Jesus.  One day I came with a severe fever. All the kids prayed for me. By the time I left to go home, Jesus totally healed me! I surely believe Jesus is a healer. I am happy to know Jesus as my true God.”

‘My name is Ajith and I came to the vacation Bible School last year.  I asked the pastor to come to our neighboring village because many people are Hindus there. I was very excited to be able to introduce all my 30 friends to Jesus this year through this VBS!  I am living for Jesus and telling  many people about Jesus every day. Now my own family has also become Christians and they also following Jesus too! We go to church regularly together. Jesus did many things in my family after I received Him into my life!”

Reading and learning about Jesus!

“My name is Santhi. I live in a very remote village. We are very poor. My dad couldn’t pay the interest on some money he borrowed. At the beginning of this week I heard Dad and Mom talking about committing suicide. But when I came to VBS, I learned more about Jesus. He is the true God. He can do anything, so I prayed to Jesus to heal my family. I shared about Jesus to my mom, so she accepted Jesus that day. We prayed as a family for help for our situation. The next day, what a miracle! My dad came back with joy that someone had offered him a big job, and that way he will get a lot of money to finish the debt. So, we changed our mind about committing suicide. ” Now as a family we are following Jesus. Thank you for the Bible and VBS!”

“My name is Rani, and I am from a remote village. I came to VBS and I learned more about the Bible. Though my father is a Hindu priest, I accepted Jesus when I came to VBS. I learned not to steal and lie, and to love others. Before I was very naughty, but now I am following Jesus and helping others. I now feel love for others!  I want to live for Jesus my whole life. Now I am sharing the Gospel to all my friends in school.”

Sharing a VBS book


You can help us bring the Gospel to thousands of kids this year

ICII’s VBS program gives village kids, most of them from religious sect  families and many never reached with the Gospel before, the opportunity for five days of Bible teaching, songs and lessons about Jesus, a VBS book and a New Testament to keep, and love! Please pray for many young lives to be changed by the Lord forever, and for many villages to be impacted with the Gospel. Your love gift is needed to help us reach more children this year than ever before.

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What missionaries are saying about Independent Church in India

  "To see first hand individuals becoming an extension of who Jesus is in our world today, reaching out to lepers whom society looked upon as untouchable, to provide food and clothing, bedding to sleep upon even if that means sleeping on the side of a busy dirty street filled with all kinds of humanity, animals etc. is the kind of compassion Jesus still has today if He can just find someone to carry His presence and power."                   ................................ Evangelist/Missionary/Author - Dave




In the villages, which have been reached by the ministry team of the Independent Church in India, there is a ray of hope ....... Many of the people have a new hope, which they have found only in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.     - US Missionary Kristi

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