VBS in a remote village

VBS meeting in a remote village.

Children’s Ministry

Children’s ministry is a vital part of reaching remote villages in India with the Gospel.

For the last three years, during the months of April and May (summer break time in Indian schools), Independent Church In India has had a goal to reach 10,000 children each year through our Vacation Bible School. Our teams go out into the most remote villages and gather children for five consecutive days of songs, games, fun activities, and most importantly, learning about the Lord Jesus Christ, through Bible teaching and our own VBS books. The meetings are held in our churches, or often right in the village street.

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ICII team member teaches village kids

ICII team member teaches village kids

Kids’ Testimonies

Through our VBS, thousands of children are coming to know about Jesus, and thousands are believing in Him as Lord and Savior! Here are some testimonies from this year’s VBS, about children whose lives are being transformed by Christ:

 “My name is Raji. I came to the VBS. I never heard Jesus before  I came to know Jesus through the VBS. My mom told me we should go to all the gods twice every week to worship. I did that many times. I talked to them [gods] but they never answered, but I talked to Jesus and asked for good health and peace in my family. Jesus blessed my family just this way within a week. So, now I believe in Jesus only. Also, I told my mom about Jesus, that He is the true God. She also accepted Jesus and prays with me every night. My mom, my brother and I pray together every night to Jesus that He will bless our work and give us our daily bread.”

ICII's own VBS books have Bible teaching and fun activities.

ICII’s own VBS books have Bible teaching and fun activities.


“My name is Kumar. Before I came to VBS, may times I would lie and steal people’s things. I was very bad person. When I came to VBS, I understood that I was a sinner and  I need Jesus in my heart, so I accepted Jesus. I told Jesus I will live for Him only. I will tell my friends about Jesus also.”


“My name is Ramesh. before I came to VBS, me and my father went on the holy journey. My dad borrowed a lot of money for going on the holy journey, so he had debts. The people who gave him the money came to our house to scold my dad. He was very sad. For two days my dad was very upset, saying, ‘Why didn’t our god  bless us, since we went on the holy journey?’ I came to the first day of the VBS.  I prayed to Jesus.  I accepted Jesus as the Lord. I said to Jesus, ‘I believe if You are truly God,  help my dad to pay all the debts. We will believe in You as the true God.’ I went to my house. I told my dad, ‘We don’t have to pay anything to Jesus,  we can believe Jesus in our hearts and He will help us.’ He said you pray to Jesus – we will see if He will help us.’ After two days, my dad came with happiness. He got money and paid all the debts. Now he believes Jesus. He said we are not going to go on the holy journey any more because we believe in Jesus. ”

Children holding up their New Testaments.

Children holding up their New Testaments.

“I am Sunil. I came to the VBS in my village. My dad is the Religious sect  priest in the town. He would take me to the town to do the  worship, because I am to be the next religious sect priest after him. Many times I wondered about our god. Many prayers are being offered, many things are being offered, but people end up having them. But why is this god a stone? I went to VBS every day. I learned about Jesus. I started to ask my dad why we have to worship a stone. He said, ‘Because a stone is our god’. Then I asked him, ‘Why can’t we worship the God that is Spirit and truth?’ He said, ‘That is a foreign god’. He found out that I going to VBS, so he beat me and stopped me from going to the VBS. But I started to pray every day. Every time when Dad went out I would read the Bible. One day I told him, ‘I want to believe in Jesus only, because He gives us joy and peace and also heaven, as they taught me.’ My dad saw my interest in Jesus. He took me to the VBS class. He told me, ‘I never saw my son have this much faith before.  I want him to believe Jesus.’ ”

One day a boy said,  “In our village, no one ever came to tell us about Jesus. This is the first time I heard that Jesus is the true God. We all believe in Jesus only! Today we found He is the true living God through VBS. We will bring more children for VBS next year. ”

VBS gathering in church.

VBS gathering in church.

One girl said,  “I was a disobedient child at home all the time, but after I came to the VBS this whole week, I started to listen to my Mom and Dad. I will read the Bible every day. I am praying every day to Jesus. He is my God.  I love Him and I will pray to Him for the rest of my life. I had a fever when I came the first day.  I prayed to Jesus and He healed me right away. Because of my obedience, now my mom is believing the Lord as her savior.”

Group of VBS students with their New Testaments

Group of VBS students with their gift packs.

“Our village is a dalit village. No one never comes to our village to love us and play with us. High caste people will only come to our village to inform us if we had to serve at a funeral or if we have to clean their septic tanks, things like that. One day, one man came to our village when we were playing kabadi [an Indian tag game]. That man invited us to VBS, but no one was interested at first. Then he came to us and said he also wanted to play a game of kabadi with us. We were happy to agree to that. Because he played with us, after the game we 50 boys and girls sat with him to learn about Jesus. Every day we would play and then learn about Jesus. In this whole week we learned a lot about Jesus. We all accepted Jesus now, and we will follow Jesus only. We love Jesus. We want to live for Jesus!”

At one village a group of girls were attending the VBS. On the first day they accepted the Lord. They said, “Every summer we would go to the religious sect  temple in our village and do special  worship. Because we received Jesus, now we will follow Jesus only”.

Kids at evening VBS meeting in remote village street.

Kids at evening VBS meeting in remote village street.

One boy said, “I came from a non-Christian  family. I never knew Jesus as the true God. I always worshiped many false gods;  now I found that Jesus is the true God through the VBS. I will live for Him. Until the end of my life I will pray to Him. I will be a good kid for Him. I will read the Bible.”

A boy said, “I am the religious sect priest in my family. Every Tuesday and Friday my parents worship me. I came to the VBS. I found out Jesus is the true God. I will follow Him only. I won’t allow anyone to worship me. I am not going to worship other  god either.”

At one village, the VBS teacher taught songs and lessons. After the team left, kids in the village were singing the song and reading the books. One of the young village men was watching these children. He was a non christian  man. He came to the children and he said, “What are you singing about? I want that joy!” because he lost his job and he lost everything in his life. The kids said they were studying about Jesus in the book, that He is the true God in this world. So the next day when the team came, he asked about Jesus and accepted the Lord. He started to come every day to the vbs. Now he said he wants to teach children about Jesus. He said he will come to the church.

Reading and learning about Jesus!

Reading and learning about Jesus!

One girl name Magesh had a tumor in her neck. She came to the VBS. Every day she prayed by faith that Jesus would heal her. On the fourth day of the class when they prayed for her, the tumor was gone! At the final rally she brought her grandmother to the VBS, and her grandmother also accepted the Lord. She said they had spent lot of money for healing, but Jesus healed her granddaughter. Now they are coming to the church.


One boy named Muniyandi came to the VBS and accepted the Lord. He said, “When I came on the first day I said, ‘Jesus, if you are truly God, I am praying to You now, before this VBS is finished, my mom and dad should not fight any more. My dad has to get a good job.’ In that very way, at the end of the VBS, his father got a good job. They stopped fighting also.” Now, he said, “I will live for Jesus – I am Jesus’ kid. I will read the Bible every day “.

One girl called Pavithra said, “I never had friends because I would scold them and fight with them all the time in school. also I would talk wrongly about them all the time, so nobody liked me. But after I came to the VBS and I accepted Jesus, I became a good girl. Now I learned to love others. I have good friends now. Even others are telling me I have changed a lot in my character. I love Jesus! I will follow Him, and I will love others”.

Excited about village VBS

Excited about village VBS!

“Our village is a very remote and poor village. We don’t have a bus facility.  No one ever comes to our village.   For my whole life I thought the other  gods were the true gods, but after I came to the VBS very first time, I came to know that Jesus is the true living God. I accepted Jesus and I love Him I will follow Him”.


One boy said, “We all enjoyed the good songs and good stories about Jesus. We had this children’s meeting, and it was the greatest privilege in our lives to come and learn about Jesus! We enjoyed so much learning the songs, games, VBS lessons, and action songs. We will tell about Jesus to our parents and friends, and we will bring them to the church every week”.

One girl said,  “We all had a wonderful time in this VBS! We learned a lot about Jesus through good action songs, stories and VBS lessons. Also we accepted Jesus as our Lord. We will go to others and tell about Jesus. We will tell about Jesus in the schools in the villages. Also, next year we will bring more children for the VBS. We made a lot of good friends in this VBS. We will live for Jesus. We found out that Jesus is the true God.”

Sharing a VBS book

Sharing a VBS book

One girl name Kaviya came to know Jesus at last year’s VBS. She got a Bible. She prayed and read the Bible every day. For this year’s VBS, she led the team to three other villages. Through her, 75 children came to know Jesus! In all these villages, no one ever heard the Gospel before. Now because of that one girl, 75 children from these three remote dalit villages came to know that Jesus is truly God”

You can help us bring the Gospel to ten thousand kids this year

ICII’s VBS program gives village kids, most of them from religious sect  families and many never reached with the Gospel before, the opportunity for five days of Bible teaching, songs and lessons about Jesus, a VBS book and a New Testament to keep, and love! Please pray for many young lives to be changed by the Lord forever, and for many villages to be impacted with the Gospel. Your love gift is needed to help us reach more children this year than ever before.

If you would like to give a gift of any amount through Paypal towards the Vacation Bible Schools please click on the link below: (After clicking on the link please scroll down to number 16: Children’s Ministry)


To send a gift through the mail, please send to the address below:

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Please make out your check or money order to “Independent Church in
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Thanks again, and God bless you!
Reaching the Unreached in India,
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What missionaries are saying about Independent Church in India

  "To see first hand individuals becoming an extension of who Jesus is in our world today, reaching out to lepers whom society looked upon as untouchable, to provide food and clothing, bedding to sleep upon even if that means sleeping on the side of a busy dirty street filled with all kinds of humanity, animals etc. is the kind of compassion Jesus still has today if He can just find someone to carry His presence and power."                   ................................ Evangelist/Missionary/Author - Dave




In the villages, which have been reached by the ministry team of the Independent Church in India, there is a ray of hope ....... Many of the people have a new hope, which they have found only in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.     - US Missionary Kristi

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