Missionaries handing out New Testaments at a remote  village.


Boy joyfully reading Bible

The Bible Transforms Lives!
Here are some exciting testimonies from ICII’s native missionaries,about lives changed by a Bible from ICII:



                                                                                           From Murderer to Ministry Worker!  


Pastor Adam Johnson Giving Gospel Tracts

Missionary Adam Johnson from Tamil Nadu shared this: “One man named Ganthi was a bully even from his young days. He would steal from people, and everyone was scared of him. He would always drink alcohol, and had a lot of bad habits. He eventually got sick, but no one cared about him. His own family even chased him out of their home. I met him and shared the Gospel to him and gave a Bible to him. He was very lonely and sad when I met him so I told him to read the Bible every day. After this, I began to visit him each week.


Pastor Adam Johnson Baptizing

One day when I met him he asked me this: ‘Will Jesus forgive all my sins in the past?  I murdered  people for money and I stole lots of money. In the Bible I read it says that the Son of Man has authority to forgive our sins. Will he forgive all my sins and heal me?’ So I told Ganthi if you truly ask forgiveness to Jesus, He surely will forgive all your sins. Ganthi accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and now his whole life has been changed. The Lord has also healed him totally from his sickness! He is also helping me to do the ministry!”

Religious Sect  Priest  Follows Jesus! 

Pastor Paul Raj  shared this: “One day during children’s ministry I gave a New Testament to a boy who is a son of a  priest. The boy told me later that he kept his Bible near to where his father would worship in his room filled with other  gods. When his father came to this room to worship, he saw the Bible.  The boy’s father started to read the Bible in his room because he was curious what the book was about. After one month, the boys father had totally finished reading the New Testament and he also removed all the other gods pictures from his room. The boy’s father has decided to follow Jesus! The boy’s father asked him where the church is and they are now coming to church!”

The Bible Delivers A Family From Suicide! 


Bala Sharing the Gospel

Pastor Bala tells:Kannan, from a non christian family, is studying in 12th grade. One day I met him at school and shared about Jesus to him and gave him a Bible. Kannan said that he wanted to know more about Jesus so I told him to read his Bible every day. When I saw Kannan again, he shared this: “I was so depressed all the time, because my father drinks alcohol and beats my mother. We also have a lot of debts. One night my mother, sister and I were thinking  how we can commit suicide, because my mom told us it is better to die than to keep living. But that same week you gave me the Bible so I began to read it and I felt so much happier and more peace. I told my mother and sister also to read it and we changed our minds. Even though my situation is tough, now we feel peace in our hearts through Jesus’. Kannan is also coming to my church also”.



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What missionaries are saying about Independent Church in India

  "To see first hand individuals becoming an extension of who Jesus is in our world today, reaching out to lepers whom society looked upon as untouchable, to provide food and clothing, bedding to sleep upon even if that means sleeping on the side of a busy dirty street filled with all kinds of humanity, animals etc. is the kind of compassion Jesus still has today if He can just find someone to carry His presence and power."                   ................................ Evangelist/Missionary/Author - Dave




In the villages, which have been reached by the ministry team of the Independent Church in India, there is a ray of hope ....... Many of the people have a new hope, which they have found only in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.     - US Missionary Kristi

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