"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15)

What missionaries are saying that have personally worked with Independent Church in India:

To personally witness the love of God expressed through faithful servants who take no thought for the things this world offers so that the Kingdom of God might come among the people of Southeast India is an overwhelming, heartwarming experience to say the least. To spend just a few moments in the presence of Lowell and Kathy Smith, their two children, and their gospel team, Pastor Britto and his brother Richard reminds me of New Testament evangelism like it must have been in the days that Jesus Himself walked upon this earth. To see first hand individuals becoming an extension of who Jesus is in our world today, reaching out to lepers whom society looked upon as untouchable, to provide food and clothing, bedding to sleep upon even if that means sleeping on the side of a busy dirty street filled with all kinds of humanity, animals etc. is the kind of compassion Jesus still has today if He can just find someone to carry His presence and power. To see Pastor Britto and his brother Richard excel in village evangelism caring for the sin-sick, the spiritually dead, the orphans and lepers, people without Jesus Christ in their hearts with such commitment challenged my own life. To see the tears flowing as a result of not being able to do enough for the people God has called them to as a result of a lack of resources, to see the sacrifice that this family is willing to make is something every pastor in America should witness so as to become involved and moved with compassion to become a regular sponsor of this ministry. To first hand witness the change that has come upon individuals who have been touched by the gospel ignites a fire within my own spirit to pray for this gospel team that God by His wisdom and power would rise up a financial support group so that they might be able to expand their ministry for God's glory. A dollar invested in this ministry will accomplish more than most ministries since there is very little if anything taken out for personal expenses. I am indeed grateful for having been an eyewitness to what the Lord is doing with Independent Church in India, to have felt the very pulse and lifeline of this ministry.

Dave Huyard

In the villages, which have been reached by the ministry team of the Independent Church in India, there is a ray of hope. The villages where Pastor Britto and Pastor Richard, along with missionaries Lowell and Kathy Smith, as well as devoted servants of Christ from the Vadipatti and Dindigul churches, somehow seemed to be cleaner, more peaceful, and more beautiful than the others. Many of the people have a new hope, which they have found only in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

US Missionary Kristi Hackman
(To read about Kristi's mission trip to India to work with ICII please see newsletter "Find Lost Souls" Volume 15)

Pastor's Richard and Britto are two young men of God who have given their all to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ among the thousands of thousands of people in villages who have never heard. I have been so blessed to participate in this ministry and see how much the Lord is using them. God has built this ministry on nothing but faith among those who are willing to count all else loss except for Jesus Christ.

Katalin Ferrier
Missionary from Australia


We have had the great privilege of partnering with the Smiths in the work of ICII since the very beginning of their call to serve in India. As their former Elder, I can personally vouch for their faithfulness to the work of the Lord. They have always been faithful in tithing, serving the church and leading lives which reflect personal holiness and integrity. Prior to their call in India they were worship leaders in our former church and have lead worship in the church where we now pastor. They have also assisted me in Prison Ministry. Being a businessman, I have taken a long hard look at the manner in which they use the money donated to ICII. Many missionaries go only where the air conditioners are working well and only where they can enjoy all the amenities of home. This is not the case with the Smith family! They are always thinking about the work of the Lord and not themselves. Having been a missionary to almost every continent, I can endorse them without reserve and am willing to put my own personal reputation on the line to do so. They are truly sold out to Jesus and are very accountable in all areas of their life! This is truly a work worth seriously supporting.

Michael L. Zechman
Senior Pastor
Church of the Living Christ

Independent Church in India is a marvelous Christ-centered ministry that I support wholeheartedly! Lowell and Kathy Smith's dedication to Christ has inspired our church and Sunday school to help them with financial and prayer support. We look forward to having them and Pastor Britto here in June to update us on how the Lord is moving throughout southern India. I also eagerly am anticipating the Smiths telling my Good News Club children with how the Gospel is impacting boys and girls "across the seas."

Pastor Jim Bauer
Richland Church of the Brethren

I met brother Lowell and Sister Kathy a few years ago at the East Coast Prophecy Conference in Pennsylvania. As we prayed together for the perfect will of God for their lives I sensed God had brought us together “for such a time as this”. I praise the Lord for calling brother Lowell and sister Kathy to the mission fields of India. As I read their exciting newsletters how the mighty works of the Spirit of God is saving many lost souls, touching the hearts and bodies of lepers, orphans, the blind, and the lame, my heart leaps for joy. What a privilege it is to support these dear servants of God through prayer and love gifts. If you want to invest in the kingdom of God, this is truly a “divine opportunity” to help build and continue the ministry of Independent Church in India.

A Blessed Supporter
Author/Bible teacher/Conference speaker
Vaughn Shatzer