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1). General Needs - Donations will be used for the general needs of Independent Church in India's ministry and supplies. This fund is crucial to keep the ministry running smoothly. Church construction, church rent, discipleship training schools, support for Gospel team workers, support for branch pastors, Bible and gospel tract distribution, TV broadcasts, Bible schools, leprosy outreach, children's ministry and Bible camps, paper and office supplies, administration, and much more.

2). Leprosy Colony Gospel Outreach - Help us to preach the Gospel in every leprosy colony, leprosy hospital, and those leprosy victims who are living on the streets in Tamil Nadu, India. Your gift will help to provide the physical needs of ICII's Gospel team and transportation expenses to reach the colonies, a blanket for each leprosy victim, medicine, Bibles, food, clothing, helps for children living in colonies; and more.

3). Sponsor a Leprosy Friend - For only $30 per month ($360 per year) will provide for one person with leprosy a home at our leprosy community, nutritious food, healthy water, medicine and health care, clothes, personal needs, and will help to provide for the needs of the Promised Land Leprosy Community. 

4). Adopt the New Life Leprosy Colony - Help us to provide the needs of a Leprosy Colony. Your gift will help to provide food and healthy water, medical needs, helps for the children living at the colony, personal needs, and more. Sponsor a leprosy colony for a one time gift or a monthly gift. One time gifts appreciated also!

5). Adopt The Promised Land Leprosy Community - For a monthly gift of your choice you can adopt the Promised Land Leprosy Community. Your monthly gift will help sponsor the needs of the new children's home who have parents with leprosy, and will help with the other needs of the community on a monthly basis. Your gifts will provide for the greatest needs for the resident leprosy friends, the leprosy church, the orphanage needs, food and agriculture, medical needs, clothing, and much more! One time gifts appreciated also!

6). Sponsor A Native Missionary - For only $30 dollars per month ($360 per year) you can send a native missionary from India to tell others in his own nation about Jesus, to have bible studies with new believers, and to start churches. Your support will help to provide for their physical needs and will enable them to have Gospel supplies such as tracts, Bibles, transportation, and other ministry tools. If you are paying through paypal please send us an email and let us know if there is a certain missionary you would like to sponsor. If no name is chosen we will choose a missionary for you.

7). Equipping Native Missionaries To Preach the Gospel - your gift will help to equip Independent Church in India's native missionaries with Gospel tracts, new believers' booklets, Bibles, transportation, Gospel tools, personal needs, and other ministry needs.

8). Village Bible School - You can sponsor a Village Bible school student. This will equip a person who has a call on their life to preach the Gospel and do ministry in the remote villages of India. It costs only $10 for one student to complete a six month course! Sponsor ten students for $100 or sponsor an entire village or (2 or 3 smaller villages) of 25 students for a gift of $250.

9). TV Broadcasts - Help us to broadcast our video Bible of the Gospels of John and Mark, Romans, and various video Gospel tracts on cable TV networks in Tamil Nadu, India. When we commit to six-month time periods the price is greatly reduced to only $60 per 30 minute broadcast. Each broadcast will have the potential to reach millions of people with God's lifechanging Word! Two or three chapters of the the Bible is played with a Gospel message at the end of each 30 minute broadcast. These videos will be played on stations where there is no Christian witness in the Tamil language. Each broadcast, viewers can call to learn more about Jesus and receive a free New Testament Bible.

10). Word-For-Word Video Bibles - You can help us to produce Word-for-Word Bible Videos, to translate and distribute verse-by-verse Bible study books, children’s Bible study books, and equip believers to share their faith through DVD’s and books in multiple languages.  These video projects will help us to spread the Word of God not only in India, but also the nations of China, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.  More information on ICII's Gospel Media project.

11). Good Samaritan Fund - Donations will help people that are in urgent need, food for those who are very poor and starving, blankets, helps for poor children, disaster and emergency relief, hospital and doctor fees, the blind, the elderly, the homeless, and those who are suffering.

12). Bible Outreach - Buy Bibles in the Tamil language for those new believers who are desperately waiting to read the Word of God ... Complete Bibles in Tamil language cost only $3.75. New Testaments in Tamil language cost only 80 cents.

13). Sponsor A Child - For as low as $30 per month, you can sponsor a poor and needy child at the Home of Compassion orphanage or at the Promised Land Children's Home. Your child will receive healthy food and water, medical care, clothing, education, toys, and Christ-like love and tender care. Providing all this for a needy child costs only $60 per month. You can fully support one or more needy children. Or, you can partner with another sponsor to help provide for a child through  a $30 per month partial sponsorship. Either way, you will receive photos and personal details about your sponsored child, a yearly update about the child, and the opportunity to write and receive letters or send photos or gifts to your child. To subscribe for an automatic monthly sponsorship through Paypal, please select a sponsorship option below, or you may contact us for other payment options.

14). Promised Land Children's Home - This is our  home for children who have parents with leprosy that cannot care for them. Many of these children were brought out of leprosy colonies. We need your help to provide healthy food, clothing, school materials, medical check-ups, and other needs for these children.

15). Home of Compassion Orphanage - Our home for orphans and for needy children rescued from homelessness, forced labor, abuse, and other hardships. Your love gifts will help provide for all the children's needs, give them a loving, Christ-centered home, and an opportunity for a bright future.

16). Children's Ministry - We want to teach and equip tens of thousands of children in India the Word of God in depth. We want to train children how to live an obedient life unto the Lord, and how to witness for Christ in their own remote villages and schools. Your gift will provide attractive and colorful Bible study materials, Bibles, crayons, and other tools for children who are hungry to learn the Word of God.

17). Medical and Food Outreach - Only $125 per outreach will cover a good meal, basic medical attention, the bus fare for up to one hundred leprosy victims, the homeless, and poor and needy families who are coming to church .

18). Clothing Outreach - Provide a new shirt (for a man) or a new sari (for a woman) for a gift of only $4.50 each. Many victims of leprosy and the poor and homeless have not received a new piece of clothing for many years, and they have to shamefully continue to wear their dirty and torn clothes to cover themselves. You can provide a gift that will bring a poor person hope again and remind them about Christ's love every time they wear their new clothes.

19). Leprosy Eyesight Project - Cataract Operation - Provide for a vision-impaired leprosy victim to receive cataract surgery. Your donation of $80 will bring a needy leprosy victim the priceless gift of sight.

20). Leprosy Eyesight Project - Eye Exam and Glasses - Your donation of only $30 will cover the cost for a vision-impaired leprosy victim to receive a vision examination and a pair of prescription glasses. You will help a need leprosy victim to see clearly.

21). Book Of Life Bible School - Help ICII continue our Bible School in India, to train  pastors and missionaries in the Word of God to be soul-winning, disciple-making laborers for the ripe harvest field of India. Your one-time gift of any amount will help us to continue our Bible School. And, a monthly recurring gift of only $50 will fully sponsor one student to keep studying full-time!

22). Rice for the Hungry - Donate any amount to buy rice for poor and hungry individuals or families in India, Pakistan, or Kenya. $10 will buy 12 kg (26 lb) of rice.

23). Equip The Promised Land Children's Home - Help to equip our home for needy children from leprosy-affected families with necessary items to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the children. Needed items are: Ceiling fans (4 needed, $40 each), Lights ($60), Tables (2 needed, $50 each), Chairs (10 needed, $8 each), Beds (3 needed, $200 each), Refrigerator ($1200).

If you have a preference what item you'd like to sponsor, after you enter your donation details, click "add special instructions" and type in your item choice. (If your item choice has already been sponsored, we will use your donation toward another urgently-needed item or other expense for the orphanage.)