Preaching the Gospel in the Villages

The Lord has used Pastor Richard to preach the Gospel to over 100,000 village people in India. His burden is to reach the people who have never yet heard the Gospel.

The Lord used Pastor Richard and Pastor Britto to share the Gospel with this group of people who have never heard about the God who loves them. These people are hungry to hear the word of God. This place is called Aandipatti. Please pray for them.

Pastor Richard is preaching the Gospel among Kannada people. His friend is translating his preaching from English to Kannadan.

This place is called Rottai-Medu. God used Pastor Richard and Pastor Britto to lead a young man to the Lord. Through this young man we can now conduct kids ministry. At this place many adults also heard the Gospel. The man raising his hands came to know the Lord through one of our scripture boards.

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