Planting New Churches

Vadipatti Church
Last year this church had to vacate their building because of government in the Tamil Nadu state ordered a law that no one could convert any Hindus to Christianity or other religions. Hindu owners of this building made the church move out of their building because of this law. Pastor Britto and Pastor Richard are now holding their service under a coconut leaf tent that they have made. Please pray for their safety as well as all those who attend the services.

One of Pastor Britto's churches located at Sanampatti was started in the month of June 2002.
There are lots of oppositions here but God is doing mighty miracles among the families. The Lord has healed many people from diseases and delivered many from idol worship.

Branch Pastor Isaac Frank planted a church in Burger where none had been before. Since last year Pastor Isaac and his team have preached the gospel to over forty villages, many involved in pagan worship and witchcraft. Many of these people involved in witchcraft began coming to his services that he had to rent an extra building. Many have now accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord. Many walk long distances to come to his church.

Pastor Johnson Jeyavel is the Pastor of one of our branch churches located at Kamalapuram. People walk up to seven miles to come to his church. Every month they have an all night prayer which around thirty-five people attend.
We are praying to have our own land and our own church buildings. We also have a vision to plant more churches throughout India. If the Lord would lead you to help us with these projects please donate here.

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