Our Mission

  • Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the remote villages and rural areas where the name of Jesus has never been heard.

  • Planting new churches and raising up and appointing pastors over them so believers can be taught the Word of God.

  • Ministering in the love of Jesus Christ to those with the disease of leprosy who have been forsaken by their relatives and society and who are living on the streets.

  • Visiting hospitals, praying for the sick, and providing for those in desperate physical need.

  • Operating children's homes to love and care for the spiritual and physical needs of orphans and children in desperate need.

  • Training and equipping men and women of God who are called to preach the Gospel and start Bible studies in new areas.

  • Reaching out to widows and teenage orphans by teaching them trade skills so they can have hope for the future.

  • Providing medical and food outreaches for those with leprosy, the blind, the disabled, and the poor and needy.