Independent Church in India to preach the Gospel and reach out to the poorest of the poor.

We are inviting church groups or individuals to consider having fundraisers.


Printable literature you may use to share the needs of Independent Church in India with your church social gatherings, friends and family. By sharing our flyers and brochures with others you can personally make a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor in India.

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Printable Sponsorship Forms
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Choose a Fundraising Goal(s):

1). Sponsor a leprosy friend fully for one year (estimated cost $720).

2). Sponsor a native missionary fully for one year (estimated cost $1080).

3). Provide New Testament Bibles to new believers in the remote villages that are waiting to receive the Word of God. It costs only 60 cents each for New Testaments
250 New testaments cost $150
500 New testaments cost $300
750 New Testaments cost $450
1000 New testaments cost $600
(Raise funds for any amount of bibles as you choose.

4). Provide blankets to poor people in the villages (Blankets are only $1.35 each)
100 blankets for $135
200 blankets for $270
300 blankets for $405
500 blankets for $675
1000 blankets for $1350
(Raise funds for any amount of blankets that you choose)

5) Provide poor leprosy victims and poor families with rice for only $2 per 8 pound bag. (Raise funds for any amount of rice packs that you choose).

6) Adopt a leprosy colony for one year. (1200 +)

7). Provide medical and food outreaches for lepers and the poorest of the poor at our church services. (estimated cost -$250 per weekend outreach or $1000 per month)

8). Help ICII to preach the Gospel in every leprosy colony and hospital in Tamil Nadu, India. (Raise amount of your choice)

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Watch our video documentary online.

We invite you to become personally involved by sharing a video with your church's leadership or missions department. To order a free video for this purpose please email us your mailing address and write send free video to: info@indchurch.org

To order a free video to show at your church or social gathering please call, email or write:

Mailing Address:
Independent Church in India
PO Box 238
Fredericksburg, PA 17026
(717) 865-7885
email: info@indchurch.org

Ways that you can personally get involved.

Do you ever ask the Lord how He can use you more to preach His Gospel to a lost and dying world? Do you ever seek Him on how He can use you more in every area of your life? If you have a burden to reach the lost and hurting souls in India we need your help. In India the harvest is great, but the laborers are few.

1). Pray for our goals for 2010

2). Have a church or social fundraiser to provide these urgent needs.

3). Want to help us distribute videos? Please email us for more information. We are praying for team workers to join us from any state in the United States or around the world to share "Independent Church In India's" vision by video and literature in the churches, Bible cell groups, or prayer groups in your surrounding areas.

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