"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15
Ministry in Kenya

Learn about Independent Church In India's 2013 Mission to Kenya

Greatest Needs in Kenya - Give a gift of any amount to provide for the greatest needs for the ministry in Kenya.

Help Build A Church Building in Kenya - Pastor Calvince's church had been meeting in a very small run-down brick and mud church with a tin roof that leaks. The leaks have become so bad that the building is unusable. You can help ICII's ministry partners in Kenya build a meeting place for their church. We need $10,000 for this project, for a building lot and for construction costs.

Help Provide A Motorcycle for Kenya - Provide a Motorcycle for a missionary team in Kenya for a gift of $1250. This is a real motorcycle to travel to rough areas and bumpy roads in the mountains and bush areas where many people are still unreached with the Gospel.

Sponsor A Native Missionary In Kenya  for a one time gift of $360 for a whole year or $30 per month. (When you sponsor a one-time gift of $360 or $30 per month for a missionary, you will receive a photo/testimony card of a missionary and a report each year.)

Needy Family Outreach in Kenya - Help us reach out to families in Kenya who are in poverty and those with AIDS victims, the disabled, widows, or providing a home and care for orphans, in the love of Christ. Help us to provide rice, maize, beans, clothing, shoes, and other much-needed help and supplies, and assistance in starting small businesses to enable them to become self-supporting.

Equipping Native Missionaries - Give a gift for both physical needs and ministry tools to equip poor pastors and missionaries in Kenya with food, transportation, Bibles, Gospel tracts, and more.

Provisions for Orphans - In Kenya, poor pastors who have dedicated their lives to preaching the Gospel and doing ministry have a huge responsibility of taking in orphans in their area whose parents have died due to AIDS. These pastors are already struggling to feed their own families, but out of love and compassion they each take in orphans because there is no other place for these grieving children to go. You can help to provide food, medical, school expenses, clothing, and more for a pastor's family and the orphans he has taken responsibility for in Kenya.