This Christmas season 2006 was very exciting here in India to reach out in the love of Jesus to the poorest of the poor children in the remote villages through giving gift packs. Through the Lord's providence and the generous gifts of those who sponsored this outreach, ICII was able to make four hundred children's gift packs.

Pastor Britto and US missionary Kathy Smith sharing the real meaning of Christmas before the Christmas gifts are handed out.
These children are holding up their gift bags with joy.
Kristen and Aaron Smith giving out the Christmas
gifts to the children at a remote village.
This boy was very happy to receive a toy for Christmas.
Most village children 's parents are to poor to even
buy their child one toy.
These children are very happy to finally have their own blanket. Most children have no blanket to cover themselves on the cool nights and many are sick due to lying on the damp ground in their dirt floor huts.
Children are very happy to find a Bible in their gift pack.
These children are very happy to find toys in their gift bags.
This is the first time these children have ever had
their own toothbrush and toothpaste. They normally have to brush their teeth using sand and a stick.

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