By God's grace, Independent Church in India (ICII) has been starting up many new Bible studies. Six days a week Monday thru Saturday Gospel teams are going and having Bible studies in 15 to 20 or more villages per evening. In the morning the teams are reaching new villages with the Gospel. On Sunday, various church services are going on. New believers are asking for Bibles. ICII has been giving away New Testaments in as many villages as possible. But more adults and children are asking for Bibles. You can help! It only costs $2.40 for complete Bibles in the Tamil language, and 60 cents for New Testaments.
Please donate here and give God's Word to brothers and sisters in Christ.

This village asked week after week to the Gospel team that they wanted Bibles so they could learn more about Jesus. When the Lord provided these Bibles these people were overjoyed to have the Word of God.
After the Gospel team distributed Bibles to over one hundred children, Francis,one of ICII's native missioanaries taught them how to read and use their Bibles.
Gideon, one of ICII's native missionaries is showing the
children and adults how to read their Bibles.
One boy is reading from his Bible at a Bible study.
A man is diligently reading God's word at a ICII bible study.
Children are very interested in reading God's Word.
US missionary Kathy Smith sitting with those who received Bibles at a remote village. There is always lots of joy when the Bibles are given to those who are hungry to read His Word.
This girl is learning how to read her Bible.

You can help new believers to learn more about Jesus by buying Bibles for those who are desperately asking for God's Word. Be a blessing to those who are to poor to buy a Bible. Please donate here

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path" Psalm 119:105